To celebrate the Sunday roast and all the trimmings in a way that can be enjoyed anywhere, not just at home or down the pub.

Featuring heavily in this celebration will always be the humble Yorkshire Pudding, infinitely better than sliced bread and invented way before.

They eat, sleep and breathe the roast, cut us and they bleed gravy (although unfortunately, it’s too thick to use in our cooking).


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All of their pizzas are made using 00 grade Caputo flour and the finest Italian ingredients.

They always prove their dough for at least 24 hours which really develops its texture and flavour.

All their pizzas are wood-fired in one of their bespoke built clay ovens. These ovens rea the whopping temperature of 450°! After 90 seconds you are served with absolutely amazing mouthwatering pizza.

It’s all so simple…but oh, so delicious!



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Quesadillas from around the world Street food and mobile catering company based in Leeds and serving up hot, tasty quesadillas around the North.

Fancy something different, delicious and full of flavour? The Dilla Deli has the answer!

They serve delicious hot quesadillas with fillings from all around the world.

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